Study in Ireland

Language Requirements
Academic Qualifications
Equivalent to Ireland year 12
Statement of Purpose
Explaining your academic and career goals
Intake Feb, Sep
Tuition Fees
Varies between EUR 10,000 to AUD 25,000 Per Year
Visa Type D Subclass
Undergraduate Programs:
Bachelor’s Degrees
Honours Programs
Associate Degrees
Postgraduate Programs
Master’s Degrees by Coursework
Master’s Degrees by Research
Graduate Diploma
Graduate Certificates
Research Programs Phd
Master’s by Research
Short Courses and Professional Development
short courses and workshops for professional development
2023 2022 University
98 101 Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin
181= 173= University College Dublin
270= 258= National University of Ireland Galway
303 298= University College Cork
471= 490= Dublin City University
531-540 501-510 University of Limerick
801-1000 751-800 Maynooth University
801-1000 801-1000 Technological University Dublin

Each scholarship has specific eligibility criteria, which could include academic excellence, leadership skills, community involvement, specific nationality or background, financial need, and more. We can make sure you meet the eligibility requirements for the scholarships you’re interested in. And guide in professional way.


Finding a part-time job while studying in Ireland can be a great way to support yourself financially, gain work experience, and enhance your skills.

  Per Month
On-campus university accommodation: EUR 500
Shared apartment or rental accommodation: EUR 300+
Private apartment or studio: EUR 800
Groceries: EUR 100 – 200
Public Transportation EUR 150-200
Phone and Internet EUR 50
Original Passport (All pages) (Including Old Passport)
Birth Certificate / School Leaving Certificate
10th Mark sheet
12th Mark sheet
Diploma or ITI Mark sheet or Provisional Certificate
Bachelor Mark sheets, Degree or Provisional Certificate
Master Mark sheet, Degree or Provisional Certificate
Work Experience Letter (If applicable)
IELTS / English Language Certificate
Resume / CV
LOR (Letter of Recommendation)
SOP (Statement of Purpose)
Marriage Certificate (If applicable)

Studying in Ireland offers several advantages that make it an attractive destination for international students. Here are some reasons why you might consider studying in Ireland:

  1. Quality of Education: Ireland is home to several prestigious universities and institutions known for their high-quality education and research. Many of these institutions are ranked globally and offer a wide range of programs in various fields.

  2. Research Opportunities: The country is known for its strong emphasis on research and innovation. Irish universities collaborate with industry partners and research organizations, providing students with ample opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research projects.

  3. English Language: English is the primary language of instruction in Irish universities, making it an accessible choice for international students who want to study in English-speaking countries.

  4. Safe and Friendly Environment: Ireland is known for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The country has a relatively low crime rate, creating a safe and comfortable environment for international students.

  5. Cultural Experience: Irish culture is rich and vibrant, with a long history of literature, music, dance, and art. Studying in Ireland provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in this cultural heritage.

  6. International Community: Ireland is a popular destination for international students, which means you’ll have the chance to meet and interact with people from all around the world, expanding your global network.

  7. Post-Study Work Opportunities: Ireland offers a “stay-back option” for international students after graduation. Depending on the level of your qualification, you can avail of a “stay-back visa” that allows you to stay in Ireland and work for a certain period, gaining valuable international work experience.

  8. Access to the European Union: Ireland is a member of the European Union, which can provide students with opportunities for travel and work across EU countries.

  9. Innovation and Technology Hub: Ireland has earned a reputation as a hub for innovation and technology companies, with major tech giants having their European headquarters located in the country. This creates potential job opportunities for graduates in fields like IT, engineering, and business.

  10. Natural Beauty: Ireland’s stunning landscapes, including lush countryside, rugged coastlines, and historic sites, offer a unique backdrop for your academic journey and personal experiences.

Remember that while Ireland offers numerous benefits, it’s essential to research and consider factors such as program offerings, tuition costs, living expenses, and potential career opportunities in your field of study before making a decision.